The three basic principles were supplemented by a few more values : elegance and excellence. On the strength of its patented inventions, Anonimo launched several other product lines, including the emblematic "Militare", featuring the famous crown screw-in locking system and completely water resistant push-buttons.

Since 1997, different entities, different personalities staying true to its original philosophy, a watch should not be worn as a “brand status” but as the expression of the personality of the wearer.

With an aestheticism inspired by Italian elegance, an Anonimo watch expresses both robustness and functionality through its distinctive design and solid case. The values of originality, seriousness and closeness carry across the two decades. This feeling is reinforced by the careful choice of materials, such as treated or stainless steel or bronze, an element that the brand was one of the first users in watchmaking, and that is still included in each of its lines.